Tecomax, LLC is specialized in direct sales and marketing of deregulated energy products and services in the utility markets of North America.

Through our Client and Marketing partnerships, we have helped develop large Electricity customer bases for our clients over the past 15 years in the US.

We have also acquired, through our network of Authorized Dealers and Agents, a vast experience in direct marketing various deregulated utility and other consumer products and services to homes and businesses.

Many Customers and Fortune 500 Clients have witnessed the quality and success of our network of partnerships, Authorized Dealers and Agents since 1992. Today we focus primarily in Texas.

Customer satisfaction is our first goal, solidly supported by growth and income opportunity for our Authorized Dealers and Authorized Agents. We feel that we offer one of the best direct sales opportunity and customer satisfaction in the Deregulated Utility Industry and always work hard to provide the best package for our customers.

All after sales customer service and billing processes are handled directly by the Corporate Client we represent.

General Information: sales@tecomax.com