Energy is a detailed business. To be successful in this business, Quality programs are vital. We take our commitment seriously to high Quality Assurance.


We are recognized by some of the top energy companies in america as a leading group for quality and sales!

At Tecomax we pride ourselves on maintaining some of the most disciplined Quality Assurance Programs in the industry. Our senior management team and our network of Authorized Dealers and Agents have over 100 years collective experience in Deregulated North American energy markets. All new Agents and Dealers benefit from such experience.

Electricity contract management can be challenging. Details such as which meter, what rate, what start date, what length, whatqa2 provider, what contract terms, which contract clauses, and a myriad of other distinct and important features, means there are exponential areas where customer’s choices can result in substantial additional costs. Proper knowledge and experience are key.

qa1To correctly manage the QA process from the start, Tecomax contracts with the best candidates for Authorized Dealers and Agents. All our sales contractors must demonstrate and develop a track record of successful quality sales, and are provided certification and ongoing knowledge based support to improve their interactions with our Client’s prospective customers. Beyond the initial screening and background checks performed on every Authorized Dealer and Agent, each Tecomax Authorized Representative is required to maintain up to date knowledge of our Client’s Products and Services. As a result of our process, we attract and retain those professionals who understand the importance of timely and thorough quality control.

Our supply partners are some of the nation’s Who’s Who of electricity businesses and our policies mirror theirs for quality service delivery.

Tecomax is also proud to be recognized as a Quality Service Provider by the Better Business Bureau.